Comparison between cloud providers


The “big three”

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google-Cloud

dominate the world-market for cloud services. They all offer complete computer virtualization, as a general service, for private persons and organizations to use.

A very overall comparison between cloud services can be read from:

general comparison between cloud services


It is to some extend a matter of ‘taste’ which cloud you prefer to use.

Azure integrates seamlessly with VIsual Studio, so .Net applications can be deployed and activated from VisualStudio via a simple web-wizard, completely a-la Microsoft.

AWS can configure what taste you like, be it a Unix computer, a Microsoft-Windows instance or just a database service. When developing Java applications, you can compile your Java-projects locally. A simple sftp of your ‘WAR’ file wit your Java Web application, and you are ready to deploy under Tomcat.

AWS has an ocean of configuration possibilities, which means that you have to study a bit to become a cloud engineer, in order to be able to use theĀ  advanced facilities available in the AWS-cloud. The fact that you can choose between three different types of load-balancers (see dicussion here), indicates that AWS has developed many features and extra’s for their extensive cloud services.